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Muscatine Vineyard is a family-owned, estate winery dedicated to expressing the distinctive qualities of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in the volcanic, rocky soil of Soda Canyon. Located in the eastern hills of Napa Valley, California, Soda Canyon is home to several vineyards and historical ghost wineries. The terroir, known as "the oasis," is halfway up the winding canyon, between the Atlas Peak and Stags Leap District appellations. Our vineyard produces fruit that is highly concentrated with tropical notes and subtle tannins. We only make one variety: our Cabernet Sauvignon wines are hand-crafted and estate-bottled in small quantities. Our wines are made from our single-vineyard field blend of Cabernet blended with a touch of Merlot.

The subtle flavors unique to our vineyard emerge naturally. We prefer minimal manipulation in our winemaking style, which allows the natural tendency of the grapes to express the vineyard's character. When all is in play, the wine exhibits a delightful aroma and a complex, rich flavor that simply improves with time.

"Easy drinking, balanced, integrated. Food friendly. Definitely felt the small-production handmade vibe."  
    --Geoff Braunstein