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2015 Updates
Andiamo! Selects the Napa Valley and Muscatine Vineyard
We filmed a spot for a national television show Andiamo!, which covers luxury travel and leisure around the world. Muscatine Vineyard is featured in a Fall 2015 edition that covers the Napa Valley wine region. We were selected as the "boutique" Napa Valley family-owned estate vineyard!

Bringing Home the Gold and Bronze
Our 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon earned in back-to-back awards in 2015. In May, we received a gold medal (93 points, just 1 point shy of the platinum!) from the Critics Challenge International Wine Competition. Then in June, we earned a bronze medal from the San Francisco International Wine Competition. We are pleased with such positive feedback from the judges at these top-tier wine competitions!

About Us
Muscatine Vineyard is a family-owned, estate winery dedicated to expressing the distinctive qualities of hillside Cabernet fruit grown in the volcanic, rocky soil of Soda Canyon. Located in the eastern hills of Napa Valley, the area is home to several vineyards and historical ghost wineries. The Muscatine Vineyard enjoys a terroir known as “the oasis,” halfway up the winding canyon, cultivating fruit that is highly concentrated with tropical notes and subtle tannins.

With complete control of both the vines and the winemaking, we make wine in the old world tradition, with minimal manipulation. We love our vineyard and are pleased to share what we think is one of Napa Valley’s most delicious Cabernets.